Heritage pork box

Heritage pork box

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Heritage Pork Boxes consisting of pork chops, ham steaks, whole hams, ground and link sausage, ribs and assorted cuts. 

A sample of contents in the Sampler Box:

2 packs of 1lb sausage 

1 pack of 1lb bacon 

1 pack of  pork chops (3-5lb)

1 ham steaks (3-5lb)

1 9oz Bramble Jam (our favorite with sausage and bacon biscuits)

Approximately 10lbs of pork


A sample of contents in the Family Box:

5 packs of 1lb ground sausage 

2 packs 1lb bacon 

3 packs link sausage

3 packs pork chops 

2 ham steaks 

1 slab ribs 

1 package of We Made Biscuit Mix

1 9oz jar of Bramble or Blackstraw Jam 

approximately 25-30lbs  of pork 

local delivery only must have cooler with ice if not home. 

Delivery will be March 7-9th