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Southern magnolia Soy Candle

Southern magnolia Soy Candle

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Southern Magnolia, quite possibly one of the most southern scents. What makes ours so special? The story behind the scent. 


At the corner of the farm sits a sweet little farmhouse where Josh grew up. Outside the back steps are two beautiful magnolia trees. My mother in law, Nanette, would string twinkle lights in them, kiss her grand children’s boo boos under them, life lessons learned under them, they provided shade for backyard barbecues, their blooms were even the flower of choice for josh’s sister when she got married. Those trees are magical to our family and bring back so many fond memories of Josh’s mother. Every time we light this scent we taken back to our days with her. 



Candle comes in gold 6oz tin and has a burn time of approximately 40-50 hours